How it works

1 Member Registration

New users are required to register on our application to start their WinToDoor experience. A valid email address of user will be set as the key ID for application access. Our membership has classified as four levels, i.e., Regular, Gold, Platinum and Diamond.

2 Making Inquiries for Quotes

Through our interactive interface, user can easily get a desired to-door quote in just seconds after completing the required fields. Inquiries can be saved for future quoting purpose. We WinToDoor.Com has just launched the groundbreaking “Multi-destination real-time Inquiry” service that nobody in this business could provide it yet. For using this service, hover your mouse on the “Destination 1” area and you will see the blur outline of the “Destination 2” area., then, click any space of the “Destination 2” area to make it come to effect. Click the “Submit” button after you finished all the requiring fields and an immediate quote will be shown to you.
To give our FBA service users an even more accurate quote, the “Amazon FBA” inquiry service is officially online. Click the “Amazon FBA” panel on the left and input the “FBA Code” accordingly, you will get our quote for delivering your cargoes to the specified FBA warehouse immediately. Of course, the “Amazon FBA” inquiry service supports the “Multi-destination real-time Inquiry” service as well.

3 Making Bookings

Once a quote is accepted, you can directly make a new booking through the “Booking” panel by using the “Quote No.”. Click the “Create New Booking” button and select a “Company Name” for all four parties,select the “Shipping Terms” and then click the button “Submit” to submit your booking request to us. Our operation staff will arrange the booking as soon as possible. You should note that you can’t directly edit the fields like, “Shipper”, “Consignee” in here, you must save the addresses you need in the “Manage Address” panel first and then input the “Company Name” for each of party. Once you input it, the options below will be automatically filled in.

4 Booking Confirmed

After new booking submission, we will confirm to user on the booking with cutoff time and our freight station gate-in reference number.

5 Sending Shipments to CFS

You can hire truckers to send their shipments to our freight station (CFS). We also would love to offer our pickup service from shippers’ warehouses. Once received at our freight station, users’ shipment will embark a smooth journey to the destination door.

6 Tracking Shipments

We offer easy-to-use tracking function to allow our users to not only have a fifty-thousand-foot view of all related shipments, but also check out the detail progress of a particular shipment. Once the shipping status becomes to one of “Received at CFS”, ”Sailed Arrived at CFS”, “Left CFS for Delivery”, “Delivered”, a notification e-mail will be sent to you let you have all the control.

7 Making Payment

Currently payment will be made to our agents in China and US in wire transfer and checks. However, other popular on-line payment methods, including, bankcard payment, Paypal, Alipay will be released to user soon.

8 Feedback(Optional)

We would like to hear your comments about us and are ready to take your suggestions to make our services better. Of course, customers are more than welcome to share with us about your successful cases of using WinToDoor.