About US


WinToDoor focuses on enabling international e-commerce between China and U.S. by offering specialized point to point delivery innovation for cargoes that are either with pallets or can be palletized.

Through our turnkey web application, we offer creative easy-to-use user experience for the ever-growing small-to-medium international sellers and buyers. Just a few clicks, the past impossible mission of selling and delivering one pallet goods to US buyers’ door now becomes possible. Furthermore, this industry breakthrough is also fully supported by excellent physical logistics service execution that assures customers’ satisfaction.

Our new system features the followings:

  • Deliver pallet cargo from China to any points in US within unprecedented 21 days
  • Offer real time quotation with competitive rates for sellers/buyers to win more business
  • Provide real time tracking for users to get full control of their shipments
  • Allow users to easily operate their e-commerce logistics from anywhere, at any time

Our industry vision

We are a team of technologists and logistics experts who are passionate about reinventing the traditional international logistics of shipping pallet cargo to US, which has not had any major changes for decades. We are determined to use our disruptive innovation to bring down the logistics boundary for all those SME owners who are dreaming about enjoying the e-commerce benefit through selling and buying products truly freely without country limitation. We firmly believe our efforts and dedication will eventually make WinToDoor one of the impactful Internet logistics companies that will change the life of businesses and consumers in in the coming era of international e-commerce.

WinToDoor delivers winning formula for businesses in future international e-commerce.